Monthly Archives: September 2019

S1 E5: The Black Book

The black book has always been the center piece of this curious story. What as it?  Who had it?  Who wanted it?  What was in it?!  In this episode we look into the black book mystery and the the people who lived and died after having possessed it. The mystery deepens.  We also talk with Eddie Masoy a young climber in 1977 who made a trip to the lake and how the aftermath of that event changed his life.

Assault on El Capitan featuring Ammon McNeely

Our feature film Assault on El Capitan takes you up the on the 2ndascent of Wings of Steel with legendary big wall climber Ammon McNeely as he tries to solve the mystery of the most controversial climb in Yosemite history.  A climb that involved lies, deception and attempted murder. Assault on El Capitan is available on streaming services and platforms everywhere and is free on Amazon Prime.