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S2 E3: Because It’s There

Maurice Wilson emerges after 30 days of fasting and weeks in there Black Forest. After a long night of celebrating and conversation with friends,  Maurice tells his horrified companions that he knows exactly what he needs to do to test his own faith and inspire the world. He will climb Mount Everest, alone.






S1 E4: Looking Over Both Shoulders

A storm forced law enforcement to abandon the crash site until the Spring thaw.  But that was not going to stop an ambitious group of climbers and valley locals from taking their turn at salvaging this valuable cargo.  Thus began a caravan of salvage teams, but were they walking into trap?  One set by the government, or an angry drug cartel?


Assault on El Capitan featuring Ammon McNeely

Our feature film Assault on El Capitan takes you up the on the 2ndascent of Wings of Steel with legendary big wall climber Ammon McNeely as he tries to solve the mystery of the most controversial climb in Yosemite history.  A climb that involved lies, deception and attempted murder. Assault on El Capitan is available on streaming services and platforms everywhere and is free on Amazon Prime.



S1 E3: The Search and Discovery

If no one reports a plane missing, is it really missing? The 1976-77 Winter was unusually dry in Yosemite.  Finding a plane crash site in the backcountry should have been easy.  Mrs. Glisky knew her husband was in trouble, he’d missed his check in phone call and was long overdue.  Should she call the authorities? If so, which agency?  In this episode we follow the search, and discovery of the wreckage and the chaos that follows.

Take a look at another of Yosemite’s legendary stories.  Ammon McNeely attempts to climb the second ascent of El Capitan’s most controversial routes Wings of Steel. Join Ammon and his partner Kate as they attempt to solve one of the great mysteries in Yosemite climbing history.  FREE on Amazon Prime.



S1 E 1: The 70’s and The Crash

In season 1 of High Adventure Podcast we will explore the reality, legend and myth of the 1977 Yosemite Pot Plane crash.  In 1977 a crashed plane carrying two pilots and 6000 pounds of Marijuana was found in a remote region of Yosemite National Park. After the Government was notified and then abandoned the crash site a rag tag group of park employees and resident rock climbers hiked in to salvage the weed.  What really happened at Lower Merced Pass Lake in 1977? In this series we will explore the story that has moved from fact to legend to myth.