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S3 Devil’s Domain Pt 4 – Finale

Sam and Lennie go deep into the cave system in search of answers but the cave provide more questions than answers. Earthquakes, flash floods, collapsing exits, Jet Ski’s and unreasonable  of people make this the worst place imaginable.

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S3: Devil’s Domain Pt 2

After Travis is killed, and at the insistence of Carlo, Sam hires a plane piloted by Lennie, a badass female pilot. Flying off a dirt runway behind the Gris Gris Lounge in a hail of bullets, Sam and Lennie fly into the darkness and into Mexico. Things are about to get strange. Devil’s Domain is an original screenplay presented in multiple parts.

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High Adventure Podcast is produced by Accidental Productions

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S3: Trip Report V2: Pete Whittaker – Sweet Passage

Climbing superstar Pete Whittaker’s Trip Report of his free climb of El Capitan’s Secret Passage rated 5.13d.

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Pete Whittaker’s



Crack Climbing  Book

Pete’s rope solo climb of El Capitan

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Season 3 Preview & Audiobook Launch

We are writing and producing as fast as we can in our studio. Season 3 will have some surprises including a podcast within a podcast called Trip Reports.  We have also just launched and audiobook titled Everest Alone: Maurice Wilson’s 1934 Journey to be the First to stand on the Summit

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High Adventure Podcast is produced by Accidental Productions


S2 E9: Gorgeous Day – Finale

Maurice Wilson is leaving the Rongbuk Monastery and heading for the slopes and the summit of Mount Everest.  Will he finally be able to fulfill his destiny, prove his critics wrong and be the first person the stand on the summit on the highest place on earth?

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S2 E8: 300 Miles in Cork Boots

Maurice forms a plan to sneak into Nepal with the help of 3 trusted Sherpas.  Disguised as a Tibetan Priest, Maurice walks 300 miles by night to get to the base of Mt. Everest.

Ammon McNeely and Kait Barber make the second ascent of Wings of Steel,

the most controversial climb in Yosemite history.

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Produced by Accidental Productions

Everest Alone – Audiobook

Maurice Wilson’s 1934 Journey to be the first to stand on the summit



S1 E6: Big Wednesday

The situation at the lake and in the Valley is getting strange. Cocaine replaces weed as the drug of choice. The Feds decide to reclaim the lake area with a military style raid. Houses and cars purchased and companies started, all with money from weed sales? The bodies are found but the family refuses to identify them.  Conspiracy theories form and arrests are made but will anyone really go to jail?

Assault on El Capitan featuring Ammon McNeely

Our feature film Assault on El Capitan takes you up the on the 2ndascent of Wings of Steel with legendary big wall climber Ammon McNeely as he tries to solve the mystery of the most controversial climb in Yosemite history.  A climb that involved lies, deception and attempted murder. Assault on El Capitan is available on streaming services and platforms everywhere and is free on Amazon Prime.